"This is the second of Shelley's courses that I have done and I find the way that Shelley approaches the training very logical and practical. This course was easy to understand, and I have already put what I have learnt into practice.

I also love the fact that if I have a question Shelley is on hand to answer it. I have already set up a Team and worked with a colleague to produce a document for a client - I wouldn't have been able to do this as confidently before starting the course. Many thanks Shelley.."

- Sarah Clayton -

How to Use Microsoft Teams

Course is packed with so much valuable information in a easy-to-understand and follow language, even for a complete beginner. I can respect the fact that sometimes it's very hard for an expert to break the information down to basics. but Shelley has done it brilliantly. I was sure that I knew quite a bit but Shelley has proven me wrong even at the very beginning of the basics of PowerPoint. Lessons are short and precise which allowed me to easily transfer the new skill into practice without being overwhelmed and to carry on adding on more with each lesson. I had so many 'Aha!' moments and for most of them I couldn't believe I used to pay graphic designer to do it for me, now, thanks to Shelley, I am looking forward to creating, designing, converting my presentations all by myself!

- Iva Freeman-
Vertex Human Capital

Perfect PowerPoint Creation

"A well structured and comprehensive guide to using Teams which enabled me to understand more about guest access and channels. I've set up a Teams account for my training groups which has enabled me to store source files, host clips, add in Power BI reports into both Teams and Sharepoint.!"

-Sue Bayes - Suebayes.com 

How to Use Microsoft Teams

"Thanks so much to Shelley for this Teams Course. I use Skype for Business daily with external teams I work with and I have been getting Microsoft to roll me back to S4B over using Teams because I have struggled to see how it works and it hasn't work when I have tried it so it's been really frustrating. Look forward to now putting what I have just learnt into practise"

- Jules Taylor -
Taylor Made PA

How to Use Microsoft Teams

"I am new to Teams, having to learn all about it due to COVID-19. I wanted to gain an overview of Teams before practising on it. Several training clients have asked if I can deliver training imminently via Teams. For this reason, it has become vital that I gain as much knowledge as possible. Shelley's course has helped me gain much more confidence in using Teams from now on."

- Christine Morrison -

How to Use Microsoft Teams

"I signed up for this course at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, as several of my clients were starting to use Teams to be able to communicate and collaborate during lockdown and I wanted to get up to speed with Teams quickly to be able to support them. The course was easy to follow and everything was explained very clearly. I was quickly able to get to grips with all the functionality of Teams and be able to help clients find their way around it too. Rather than spending hours trying to figure it out, or only making do with the very basic functionality because I didn't have the time to figure it out, this course has helped me learn all the various aspects of Teams and how to get the most of out it. I am not only using it fully with Clients but will be able to make good use of all that I have learned and use Teams as I grow my own VA business too. Thank you Shelley."

- Sandra Storoni -

How to Use Microsoft Teams

"I had very rusty PowerPoint skills and this course has brought me up to date. I will be able to put in my branding and client's branding into slides easily and get them to look great quickly.."

- Doctor Emma Williams
EJW Solutions  and The Nerd Coach

Master the Slide Master for Mac

"A course on Outlook had been on the top of my list when Shelley asked VA's what they wanted to learn.
It was a real case of 'so that's how you do it' or 'I never knew that'. I have to say that I learnt so many great tips it has definitely improved the way I work in Outlook and my inbox is looking colourful and organised and I can't wait to share this knowledge with my clients."

- Jacqueline Leake- JLeake VA Services

Microsoft Outlook Email for Windows

"Shelley's Outlook Email for Mac course is just what I needed! My knowledge of Outlook was very sketchy but having completed the course I understand there is so much more than just sending and receiving emails. I like the way Shelley breaks up the subject into small lessons. They flow in a logical sequence which makes it easy to follow and it also means you can stop and try out each step without loosing the thread. Knowing how to use mail merge properly will really help reduce the time I spend sending out updates to groups.
Thank you, Shelley!"

- Freya Henderson– of Virtual Office Orkney

Microsoft Outlook Email for Mac

"I was scared of Excel before doing this course. People have often told me that it's 'easy' to use, but there was something about it that really put me off. Now, with the course behind me, and with the downloads and continued access if I need it, I feel confident for the first time!" Thank you Shelley!

- Rachel Tapping of Word-Up Proofreading

Essential Excel Skills for Business

"Great course, easy to follow and able to apply to existing and new documents. Jargon free and easy to remember.!

- Dawn Hayward

Work Smarter with Style - Microsoft Word

Fillable Forms in Word - “I really like Shelley's courses. She has a clear and easy to follow teaching style. In 'How to Create Fillable Forms' I've learned about the functions of the Developer ribbon which will mean I'll be able to create a bespoke Returns Form for a client who has an online shop.”
Freya Henderson – Virtual Office Orkney

- Dawn Hayward

Fillable Forms in Word

"I have just completed a course from Shelley Fishel entitled HOW TO CREATE FILLABLE FORMS and whereas I am not a VA I do produce a series of support material for my online training courses at JFI Store and it is for these that I wanted to be able to create forms that my learners can fill in with information and key learning points when they finish my various courses in management, team leadership, quality and change. I had learned how to do this years ago (and forgotten), this course took  me through the process, step-by-step, so clearly that it wasn't long before I was creating my learning support material with fillable forms once more. Thank you so much Shelley, your style is consistent, clear and yes, I went back over a few things again and again to make sure I really got it. Thank you..!

- Józefa Fawcett Director
JFI Store: Business critical learning in uncertain times jfistore.com

How to Create Fillable Forms

"I love Shelley's calm approach to everything Microsoft. I can now make forms to send to my clients - which I'd been putting off! I really like the way the lessons are designed in bite sized chunks so you can try a section at a time on your own documents or the included templates. I also have a couple of new buttons on my express bar and learnt tab would get me new lines in a table! "

- Doctor Emma Williams
EJW Solutions  and The Nerd Coach

How to Create Fillable Forms