Enabling Virtual Assistants to Get More Done in Less Time and Increase their earning potential

Learn how to master working more effectively whether you need to create Lead Magnets, Presentations, Spreadsheets , Get Your Inbox under control or get to grips with Microsoft Teams

Want to work smarter not harder?

You just wish you could get stuck in to creating that report or presentation, or making a super duper spreadsheet.

You have always done things one way, it is the way you worked out for yourself. No one ever showed you the quickest and easiest ways of doing things.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to launch a Microsoft Office Program and just KNOW what to do?

When you invest in your skills you improve the way you work not just right now but also for the future.

The reward is never ending as you consolidate your new skills and impress everyone around you.

You recognise that investing in Professional  Development gives you the Edge!

My courses run on Windows or Mac

No matter which operating system you use, I have a course for you!

No more wondering whether you can do this or that on your lovely Mac! I show you how!

Meet Veronica

Veronica is a F.R.O.G VA 

Veronica knows how to get things done FAST with minimum fuss. She is totally Reliable and very Organised. In short she is just GREAT!

Her clients love her and give her all manner of Microsoft Office tasks to complete:
*Report Creation
*Spreadsheet Summaries
*Stunning Presentations
*Managing their email

In short they could not run their business without her!

What is Veronica's secret?

Veronica knows that investing in her own Microsoft Office skills benefits not just her own work, but also that of her clients as she is able to show them how to provide the work to her for maximum benefit.

Introducing tomorrow's VA HUB

There are just TWO ways to get hold of my online courses.  

✍ Buy them individually, one by one, as you need them. Pay as you go.


💹 Invest in the complete set of courses - like having the full box set of your favourite TV show on demand.

You’re on the right page if you love option two. Here you can get access to ALL my courses now and forever for just one price. You save more time and save more money. With Tomorrow’s VA Hub today you:

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✅ Can tap into task-based training which covers all the VA essentials

The Hub is the space where I keep adding courses for you. It’s the complete Shelley Fishel Microsoft Office Training box set.

The earlier you get in and invest, the better value it is for you

And here’s why.

💥 tomorrow’s VA Hub is an organic collection.

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Just need one course? See below

* Lifetime access -  you have access to any courses that you subscribe to for as long as you need to access them. Lifetime means the lifetime of either - Shelley Fishel or the tomorrow's VA course directory.

When you purchase access to any of my courses, you are also accepting the Delegate Terms of Business.