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You've heard the rumours ...

Apparently it's possible to learn how MS Office can make your life easier:

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The rumours are true.

My name is Shelley Fishel
I'm the MS Office Maestro, here to help you make the most of MS Office.

How would it feel to:

Save an afternoon a week just through using simple tips and tricks 

(which sometimes take only five minutes to learn)?

Be able to say YES with confidence to every request?

Become the undisputed MS Office guru in your network?

Meet Veronica - FROG assistant:
Fast - Reliable - Organised - Great!

Veronica’s clients love how she is able to take on anything they ask, because she’s up to date with her Office skills. She also suggests ways to make things even more efficient, saving her clients money too!

Most MS Office training only teaches the way to find functionality.
Tomorrow’s VA teaches you how to use that functionality
for what you actually do.