Running your VA Business with Office 365

So that you can get your work done seemlessly from anywhere on any device

Course Summary


Step away from the screen

Don't Read this Page If:

    • you believe setting up your own version of Microsoft Office is only for the brave
    • you like to spend hours on the phone with Microsoft to get set up and THEN pay a support professional loads of money
    • you aren’t ready to be up and running in no time.
    • you are not willing to spend a couple of hours with me learning how to set things up

Then this page, this solution and this product is not for you.

But if you are NOT one of the fact you are the exact opposite.


    • You are an efficient VA who loves solving problems
    • A VA who wants to get up and running fast
    • And you want to follow this training course - you will wonder what you were worried about

Then I have some incredibly exciting news for you:

You CAN learn how to get your Office 365 Account set up all by yourself!

During this course you will learn:

    • What kind of tech you need
    • Thinking points around Working Environment and Time
    • Which versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Office to consider
    • How to buy Office365
    • How to sign in and set up your new Office 365 Account
    • Learn how to change your email address from to
    • Learn how to add an email alias
    • Understand your way around the Admin Centre for Office 365
    • Set up External Sharing of documents via OneDrive for Business 
    • Learn how to share documents externally
    • Get Outlook set up for first use, on the Web, on Windows and on Mac

Remember - Once you sign up- you can log in at any time and take any lesson from the course in which ever order you like. The lessons are arranged in a logical progression, however it is up to you which lessons you do and when. 

Sign up today, to get your Office 365 subscription set up and working for you.

Course Curriculum

Shelley Fishel

I am Shelley Fishel - Some of my clients call me the Queen of Microsoft Office! I have been teaching people how to use Microsoft Office for 20 years! That is SUCH a long time. In fact when I started out, everyone went on a training course because it was all so new. Nowadays you are expected to know how to use everything because it has been around for so long - it is almost as if you are born with a keyboard attached instead of fingers! My mission is to empower busy Virtual Assistants to get more done in less time! I have been teaching people just like you how to get things done faster using Microsoft Office and I love nothing more than hearing from my students how they have been enabled to get more done in less time. As a busy VA you may support one or more clients. It is time to invest in yourself and gain the skills that will help you get more done in less time. By learning how to get things done faster, you will be able to help more clients!

Sheridan Webb

Learning Designer

I'm not a VA and didn't complete all the sections of this course as not all were relevant, but the ones I did work through were very easy to understand and very helpful. Shelley covers the key issues clearly, logically and in a very professional way. I feel more confident is using the various features of Office 365 as a result.

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    Running your VA Business with Office 365

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