Master the Slide Master - PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Learn how to work with the Slide Master so that you can save loads of time when creating PowerPoint presentations, even if you hate tinkering

Course Summary

Are you a busy Virtual Assistant who is asked by clients to create or update presentations?

Do you go looking for a previous presentation every time someone asks you to create a new one? Because you don't have the branding to hand?

Have you ever started from an existing presentation that looks how you need it to look and then forgotten to delete key slides?

Do you wish you could create a master design for each client so that you could just apply that design to any presentations that client asks you to create?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you are in the right place!

I have created this course specifically for you a busy Virtual Assistant who wants to get more done in less time so that you can save time and increase your earning potential!

Here is what you will learn:

    • Learn how the Slide Master works.
    • Learn the difference between Slide Master Design Theme and Template
    • Learn how to update the Slide Master - adding or removing layouts and changing the fonts and colours
    • And a whole lot more

Included in this course is my user guide, a guide written specially for you. You can download it and keep it nearby - handy for checking things out whenever you need to.

Remember you get lifetime access to this course too!

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Course Curriculum

Shelley Fishel

I am Shelley Fishel - Some of my clients call me the Queen of Microsoft Office! I have been teaching people how to use Microsoft Office for 20 years! That is SUCH a long time. In fact when I started out, everyone went on a training course because it was all so new. Nowadays you are expected to know how to use everything because it has been around for so long - it is almost as if you are born with a keyboard attached instead of fingers! My mission is to empower busy Virtual Assistants to get more done in less time! I have been teaching people just like you how to get things done faster using Microsoft Office and I love nothing more than hearing from my students how they have been enabled to get more done in less time. As a busy VA you may support one or more clients. It is time to invest in yourself and gain the skills that will help you get more done in less time. By learning how to get things done faster, you will be able to help more clients!

Shân Marshall

Personalise your planner

The first thing I heard about Shelley Fishel, the author of this course, was from my web designer - "she knows EVERYTHING about Microsoft Office. Any problems, just message her."
This came an the right time. I had just had my first skirmish with the Slide Master and I had come off worst. Still licking my wounds, I didn't have the confidence to ask for help.
Word reached Shelley that I needed help and she told me about the course. I knew I needed it but ego knew better. Oh, crud. A few months went by and I had reached the dizzy heights of 20 to the Slide Master, 0 to me. I had spent hours trying to recreate the same thing in Excel that someone had done using the Slide Master. It didn't work. Of course, it didn't work!
Swallowing my pride, I took this course. It's great. Easy to manage, there's one video that's just over five minutes and the rest are less than five minutes.
It's in bite-sized pieces and everything is carefully explained with Shelley doing it as she's talking.
It's clear and easy to understand even a bolshi 63 year old can understand it.
I've changed the fonts and I've changed the colours in the Slide Master, which is my new BFF. It isn't quite purring but we've shaken paws and I'm taking it out for a drink later :)
Why would anyone take a perfectly good idea for a presentation then build it using the Slide Master when PowerPoint is so good for putting projects together?
Because, when your project is a daily planner with 365 pages and you get to the end and realise you've got the same spelling mistake on every page you'll wish you had used the Slide Master to build it on, because you've got to go and correct every page. Or start again using the Slide Master.
Using the Slide Master will be a game-changer in my journal design business. It will save me hours of work.
Thank you, Shelley!

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