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The Quick Summary: How to Use Microsoft Teams – the clever collaborative tool to impress your clients and grow your VA business credentials

Course Summary
How To Use Microsoft Teams To Win, Work With and Wow Your Clients
(Shhh... don’t shout about this course or
all your competitors will want it)

Move a little closer.

I want to keep this just between you and me.

You probably already know that collaborative tools are great for organisations.

But did you realise you can also use them as a VA with your clients?

Within Office 365 is a collaboration hub called Teams. It can transform the way you work with people.

Dread opening your inbox and having to find that all-important message like a needle in a haystack?

Still relying on links to send or access documents when working with clients?

Find yourself hopping from one app to the next to pull it all together?

Teams will sort all of this for you – in one place.

Your tasks completed with a smoother work flow. Faff-free simplification to infuse a daily sense of calm.

This is a Gamechanger

Microsoft Teams is a very powerful collaboration and communications tool.

When you know how to use it – and get the best out of it – you will notice the difference.

And probably wonder why it took you so long to take advantage of its features.

It means time saved. Less hassle. Less stress.

It means less toing and froing between applications to get tasks done.

It means you are more in control and cleverly on top of everything.

Your clients will love it, too. And you can show them how to use it so everyone benefits.

A simple win-win.

It’s the kind of tool you’ll want to share with as many clients as you can but keep secret from the competition.
This adds to YOUR professional edge.

Here’s just some of what Teams can do for you...

✅ Collaborate with reassuring ease and calm efficiency using this single tool. Within an organisation or with your individual clients.

✅ Set up Channels for projects and tasks so everything goes in the right place – ready for you whenever you return to it. This takes the noise out of your inbox from the get go.

✅ Keep your posts, messages, images and relevant files all in one place so you never lose the thread – or your patience.

✅ A complete audit trail of your conversations. So much easier than searching your inbox for what’s been said when.

✅ Work collaboratively on documents for smooth editing, instant feedback and fast changes.

✅ Schedule online meetings with clients without having to use Skype or Zoom. Or integrate with Zoom if you prefer.

✅ Add Microsoft applications, like Planner. Add a host of external apps like MindMeister mind mapping and Hive for improved work flow. Work with these and more 
without having to switch out of Teams.

And that’s only the half of it.

Teams is included with Office 365. If you have it you can be ahead of the game – but only if you use it, and use it well.

And this is where I can help.

It can be a bit daunting when you first look at Teams and all it can do - but it doesn’t have to be scary at all.

I can give you the fast-track to learning just what you need to know.

I have carefully put together this online course as the essential ‘how to’ skills training for you - whether you work within an organisation or are running your own show.

Your opportunity to set up and apply Teams the smart way. The easiest and fastest path to discover how to make best use of all that power at your fingertips.

Be At Your Most Productive
In this online course let me show you how to set up Teams, how to work with a client collaboratively and how to make the most of your client-focused productivity with this dynamic tool.

✅ Add Channels to simplify communications and let your inbox breathe

✅ Invite members or external users to your Team

✅ Manage tasks, messages and project updates in one space with one tool

✅ Work collaboratively and more efficiently with a client

✅ Keep posts, conversations and files in one place so it’s all super organised

✅ Work in Teams without having to jump in and out of other applications

Once you know the “how to” of Teams you will be flying – and telling your clients and prospects about it with understandable enthusiasm.
And the beauty of it is this.

It’s an online course. Which means once you have it you can access it any time, anywhere.

Follow it through from A to B or simply dip straight into the bits which best suit your interests or needs. You go at your own pace in your own time.
You know how you learn best.

One thing I do know from experience and feedback from people is this.

The VA who understands how to collaborate and communicate REALLY well is always going to be in demand.
It’s how today’s world of business works.

You can see what’s included in my course below...

Shelley Fishel is very knowledgeable on Microsoft Teams. She talks you through every step of how to use it, making it all less daunting. But - unlike most IT training - also helps you understand why you would even need it, how it's easier than what you are doing now, and how to integrate it practically with your ways of working.

Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle
Gender Difference Expert. Gender Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. Women Leadership Trainer at W2O Consulting & Training

Course Curriculum

What Learners are saying about my training

 Thanks so much to Shelley for this Teams Course. I use Skype for Business daily with external teams I work with and I have been getting Microsoft to roll me back to S4B over using Teams because I have struggled to see how it works and it hasn't work when I have tried it so it's been really frustrating. Look forward to now putting what I have just learnt into practise!

Jules Taylor
Taylor Made PA

 This is the second of Shelley's courses that I have done and I find the way that Shelley approaches the training very logical and practical. This course was easy to understand, and I have already put what I have learnt into practice.

 I also love the fact that if I have a question Shelley is on hand to answer it. I have already set up a Team and worked with a colleague to produce a document for a client - I wouldn't have been able to do this as confidently before starting the course. Many thanks Shelley.

Sarah Clayton
Freelance writer - The

Microsoft Teams One to One Training Session  
Shelley was approachable, easy to work with, and agile with answering questions to apply the session to my specific needs. 

Melissa Marshal
Present Your Science

 Really easy to work through. The chunking of the content into short lessons appealed very much. Everything is well explained and as a visual learner, I found the package very appealing. Added to this is Shelley's perfect diction and warm manner.
I am new to Teams, having to learn all about it due to COVID-19. I wanted to gain an overview of Teams before practising on it. Several training clients have asked if I can deliver training imminently via Teams. For this reason, it haas become vital that I gain as much knowledge as possible. Shelley's course has helped me gain much more confidence in using Teams from now on.

Christine Morrison - CMA Training

I've moved from knowing Teams at only a cursory level to being rather comfortable with it, in a very short space of time - this is down to the excellent content and Shelley's warmly confident expertise in presenting it.

This learner wished to remain anonymous

Shelley Fishel

Your Trainer – Shelley Fishel

Introducing “The MS Office Maestro”

Hello, I am Shelley Fishel.

Congratulations on wanting to improve your skills. You are in very safe hands.

Congratulations on wanting to improve your skills in MS Office and Microsoft 365, and get more done in less time.

You are in very safe hands.

I have been teaching people at all levels of business how to use Microsoft Office for more than 20 years - and stay up to date with the latest advances and changes.

As the founder of Tomorrow’s VA, my mission is to empower busy VA’s, PA’s and EA’s to get more done in less time - and become a Superhero for their clients and bosses.

Easy Step-by-Step Guidance

With this course, I take you through each topic, step by step. You watch my computer screen as I show you exactly what to do to, as if I’m there by your side. No waffle. No padding of content. Just the essentials to allow you to carry out tasks with ease and speed.

You watch the training when you want, where you want and how you want. Run through from start to finish or simply jump into the specific lesson you need. Pause. Make notes. Rewind. Fast forward.

You get lifetime access for one price. Return to my task-based course whenever you need a refresher.

Independently Checked for Quality

It’s a strange world these days because anyone with a smartphone or computer can claim to be a ‘trainer’ or ‘expert’ in this or that. Many people might know a topic well but not so many can teach this stuff really well.

Rest assured, the quality of my training is independently assessed and approved by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), of which I am a Fellow.

My LPI certifications are CDOL (Certified Designer of Online Learning) and COLF (Certified Online Learning Facilitator).

Because I’ve been doing this for so long and seem to know “all there is to know” on the subject, some clients call me the ‘Queen of Microsoft Office’. More people today know me as ‘the MS Office Maestro’.

I’m an author of many books, podcaster, blogger, contributor to Executive Secretary magazine, entrepreneur, IT trainer and business owner. I’m also a mother, a grandmother and wife. Family is important to me and I know what it’s like to juggle work and kids.

Down to Earth Essentials

You won’t find any airs and graces with me. Just clear down-to-earth training, support, coaching and advice - with a bit of fun thrown in. I’m here for the VA, PA, EA and other professional who wants to work smarter with Office and 365.

It gives me a real thrill and immense satisfaction to hear from so many students how they have improved their productivity, organisation and business as a result of my help.

Be a Smarter-Working Assistant

It’s time to invest in yourself and gain the skills to help you get more done in less time.

When you increase your productivity, you are able to help more clients and have more control over your work and life. When you demonstrate your mastery of handling tasks and solving clients’ headaches, it raises your reputation and profile. You can enjoy a more flexible and sustainable business - and charge more.

This training is designed so you can be a Superhero. Invest in yourself today...

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    Learn how to use Microsoft Teams in your business

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What People Are Saying About Teams...

I’ve recently starting using Teams with some of my clients, including Shelley and I have to say, I find it so useful.  It means there is just one central place to converse, store files and even phone each other.  It’s made life so much easier and has streamlined my business processes hugely.  I’ll definitely be using it with more of my clients.
Zita Lewis - VA to Shelley Fishel and owner of ZIta Lewis - Helping You Helping Your Business 

What my learners say about the course!