How to create Infographics using PowerPoint

How to Create Infographics with PowerPoint

The Quick Summary: Discover How to Create Clear and Influential Infographics in 60 Minutes Or Less

Course Summary
How You Can Learn To Create Powerful Infographics in 60 Minutes or Less

Businesses these days seem to love infographics – and no wonder.

They are a smart way to present data – especially complex information - in a clear, visual way that is easy to understand.

But there is definitely an art to making a great Infographic.

Are you wondering to yourself where do I start?

Do you get anxious or want to hide behind the couch when a client asks you to create one?

Are you turning down Infographics work because your internet is so slow and you think you’ll need to invest in additional software to do the job?

If you said YES to one or more of the above then I have some good news for you.

I can help you overcome all your concerns with this online course.

You DON’T need to worry any more.

Let me take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through every bit of the task of creating superb Infographics.

You DON’T need a fast broadband connection or the cost of additional software.

We’re going to work our magic in PowerPoint, our familiar Microsoft friend.

You DON’T need to be a hotshot in this application

In fact...

... I can show you how to save hours when creating infographics for yourself or your clients – even if you have NEVER used PowerPoint for the task before.

Just give me a little over an hour of your time and I can demonstrate it to you.

That’s right. Just 60 minutes or so and you can be ready to get creating Infographics with ease.

In this online course you’ll be guided through a series of video tutorials by me. Everything is broken down into the precise steps so you can see exactly how to do it yourself.

You can learn what you want, where you want and when you want.

I will show you how to:
  • ✅ Resize your slides for Pinterest and Facebook
  • ✅ Change the background colour
  • ✅ Create shapes
  • ✅ Add pictures
  • ✅ Add icons
  • ✅ Use SmartArt
Plus I’ll share many more strategies for creating clear, influential and commercially compelling Infographics.

The course gives you all the tools you need to let your creativity and imagination run wild. The possibilities are limitless.

When you know how it saves you time, again and again.

When you know how you gain confidence - and get better and better at it.

When you know how it opens up opportunities to make more money.

The smart-thinking, motivated VA understands the value of powerful communication to a business.

If you are able to create clear, compelling and influential Infographics for your clients, you are going to be in good demand.

It could be a nice little niche for you or part of your wider Social Media and content services for business.

When it comes to infographics, you can either stay hidden behind the couch and get left behind. Or get to grips with it and turn it into a lovely little money spinner which enhances your skills and reputation.

I’m ready when you are...

Course Curriculum - Here's What You Get

Shelley Fishel

Introducing Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro

I was so excited when the 3 computers arrived. I was finally going to be able to get rid of all the bits of paper, linking one piece of information to another. Now I could build a database.

The only problem was, I had no idea how. So, I bought a book about Access and taught myself.

And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I didn’t get the education I wanted when I was younger. By the time I was 17, I had to leave school to take over running my father’s business. I’ve always had a head for organizing. Give me a list and I’m happy. Done √ Next!

Because I didn’t finish my education, it was logical that I would stay at home when I got married and had children. And I loved so much of it. My family is at the heart of my life, and I love it when people feel comfortable and cared for. I’ve even become a bit famous for my Friday Shabbat baking photos (join me on Instagram for those).

But even back then I knew I could do much more (I’d already run one company and done admin for another) and I wanted to earn my own money too.

The kids grew and I moved back into the workforce over 20 years ago, eventually finding a wonderful training company where I learned my trade.  

Being fiercely independent, my next step was starting my own company. I discovered I loved working with PAs and EAs. I get how they think and what they do. They have lots of different responsibilities and contacts; they’re the lynchpin, sorting everything and everybody out. And above all, their goal is helping their manager perform at their best.

I can relate to that, because I want nothing more than to help YOU perform at your best. 

Over the years I’ve realized that I love to break down complex activities into simple steps that I can explain in a step-by-step practical way. #loveroflists

I never call myself a Microsoft expert. I just help you get things done quicker, easier, and more elegantly (and without drowning in Google first).  

I can’t put it better than what a long-term client said about me recently: “Shelley’s like the angel on my shoulder”. I love that! 

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How to Create Infographics using PowerPoint


  • Learn how to use PowerPoint to create stunning Infographics

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What People Are Saying About This Course...
I have the tools... to create... effective looking Infographics”
“It is amazing what tools..... brand colours and using the icons”
Jacqueline Leake, J Leake VA Services

“PowerPoint can do so much more than I thought”
“I thought I knew PowerPoint.... Thanks Shelley”
Susan Marot, Success at Selling

I thought I knew PowerPoint really well before doing this course, but I wanted to specifically learn how to use it to create better Infographics, more easily and quicker. The most useful thing I learnt was that PowerPoint can do so much more than I thought it could and by using the short cuts I could do it so much quicker than I have been doing for years. I know I will save so much time creating, not just Infographics on PowerPoint but better presentation too. Having said that I know if I take more of your courses Shelley then I will learn even more than I can imagine now! I highly recommend that everyone who needs to create Infographics takes this course. It is so easy and will deliver an excellent return on investment. Thanks Shelley!

Susan Marot
Succee at Selling

Jacqueline Leake

J Leake VA Services

It is amazing what tools we already have at our fingertips without knowing. This course has shown me that I have the tools at hand to create some effective looking Infographics.
I enjoyed learning about the resizing, setting your brand colours and using the icons.

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