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How to Create Excellent Spreadsheets

The Quick Summary: A short yet powerful demonstration of how to master some more advanced functions of Excel

(As seen at The PA Show Olympia, The PA Show Manchester and the Practically Perfect PA Online Summit)

Course Summary

Get Your Personal Copy of The Presentation Which Left The World’s PA’s and VA’s
Smiling Like A Cheshire Cat

You know how it is.

You get invited to deliver a short yet high-value presentation at a high-profile event with some of the most discerning Personal and Virtual Assistants in the room.

They are expecting to learn some of the more intermediate and advanced ways to use Excel to impress their bosses and clients.

No pressure, then, to come up with some top tips for the audience.

Thankfully, people loved the session I delivered at The PA Show at Olympia in London and then at The PA Show in Manchester.

I have since presented this content for a global audience at the Online Summit for Practically Perfect PA.

The feedback from all three events has been amazing. People were able to pick up something ‘new’, a shortcut or a valuable little tip.

No wonder so many were smiling at the end. They could see how it would help make their life easier.

But don’t worry if you were unable to attend because I’m letting you in on EVERYTHING I shared. You, too, can enjoy this smorgasbord of Excel treats.

In this short session you will discover how to do ALL of the following:

      • Autofill - create a list automatically
      •  Flash Fill - take list creation to another level
      •  Use Autosum - get your head around the rules for creating a formula
      • Absolute Cell References - Fix part of your formula to make life easier
      • Conditional Formatting - Uncover the patterns in your Data
      • Introduction to Pivot Tables - demystify the power of Pivots
      •  Create a Chart - Simple way to create a Pie or Column Chart
      •  Create a People Graph - Make a handy Infographic of your data
If you were not able to attend one of these presentations ‘live’ this is the next best thing. Join me as I go through these top tips so you can get the most out of Excel’s powerful functionality.

This course gives you a front row seat as I guide you step-by-step through each topic.

Like all my training, this is task-based. Because when you know HOW to do a task you can focus on the content and quality – and serve your client better.

When a client is impressed they are more likely to keep you on, invest in you more and refer you to others. And that’s how you grow your business.

Course Curriculum – Here’s What You Get

Shelley Fishel

Your Trainer – Shelley Fishel

Introducing “The MS Office Maestro”

Hello, I am Shelley Fishel.

Congratulations on wanting to improve your skills. You are in very safe hands.

Congratulations on wanting to improve your skills in MS Office and Microsoft 365, and get more done in less time.

You are in very safe hands.

I have been teaching people at all levels of business how to use Microsoft Office for more than 20 years - and stay up to date with the latest advances and changes.

As the founder of Tomorrow’s VA, my mission is to empower busy VA’s, PA’s and EA’s to get more done in less time - and become a Superhero for their clients and bosses.

Easy Step-by-Step Guidance

With this course, I take you through each topic, step by step. You watch my computer screen as I show you exactly what to do to, as if I’m there by your side. No waffle. No padding of content. Just the essentials to allow you to carry out tasks with ease and speed.

You watch the training when you want, where you want and how you want. Run through from start to finish or simply jump into the specific lesson you need. Pause. Make notes. Rewind. Fast forward.

You get lifetime access for one price. Return to my task-based course whenever you need a refresher.

Independently Checked for Quality

It’s a strange world these days because anyone with a smartphone or computer can claim to be a ‘trainer’ or ‘expert’ in this or that. Many people might know a topic well but not so many can teach this stuff really well.

Rest assured, the quality of my training is independently assessed and approved by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), of which I am a Fellow.

My LPI certifications are CDOL (Certified Designer of Online Learning) and COLF (Certified Online Learning Facilitator).

Because I’ve been doing this for so long and seem to know “all there is to know” on the subject, some clients call me the ‘Queen of Microsoft Office’. More people today know me as ‘the MS Office Maestro’.

I’m an author of many books, podcaster, blogger, contributor to Executive Secretary magazine, entrepreneur, IT trainer and business owner. I’m also a mother, a grandmother and wife. Family is important to me and I know what it’s like to juggle work and kids.

Down to Earth Essentials

You won’t find any airs and graces with me. Just clear down-to-earth training, support, coaching and advice - with a bit of fun thrown in. I’m here for the VA, PA, EA and other professional who wants to work smarter with Office and 365.

It gives me a real thrill and immense satisfaction to hear from so many students how they have improved their productivity, organisation and business as a result of my help.

Be a Smarter-Working Assistant

It’s time to invest in yourself and gain the skills to help you get more done in less time.

When you increase your productivity, you are able to help more clients and have more control over your work and life. When you demonstrate your mastery of handling tasks and solving clients’ headaches, it raises your reputation and profile. You can enjoy a more flexible and sustainable business - and charge more.

This training is designed so you can be a Superhero. Invest in yourself today...

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What People Are Saying About This Course...
“Very engaging... a good pace without feeling rushed”

 Shelley made the session very engaging and easy to understand. Although she had minimum time, she got across all the main points we wanted to cover in an easy to understand manner. The session moved at a good pace without feeling rushed. I'm now looking forward to reading the book!!

Tracy Woodward