Get Things Sorted With a Trainer in Your Pocket

Imagine having access to someone you could ask questions of whenever you need to!

Imagine having a Microsoft 365 expert with you whenever you get stuck or have a question.

With Shelley Fishel - Trainer in Your Pocket, you have access to someone whenever you need them.

Need to know how to create a Table of Contents?

Need to know how to make things add up?

Want to jazz up that PowerPoint deck or get that Inbox under control?

With Shelley as the Trainer in Your Pocket you can get answers fast!

What is included?

☑️ Up to 30 Minutes live one to one training per month
☑️ 10 email questions answered per month.

Getting access to up to 30 minutes a month of personalised one to one training with me is exceptional value

If you want to book a one off one to one learning session, you can book Learn Live Online with Shelley which gives you 90 minutes of one to one training as a one off.

Getting 30 minutes every month for just £47 is a steal - plus all the email queries you can send through too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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WHat do I get each month?

Each month you can book a one to one 30 minute training session with Shelley.

You can ask questions and get help with a Microsoft Office package.

You can also send Shelley up to 10 email questions a month and get help that way.

Is this a one off payment?

This is a monthly recurring subscription - sign up for the monthly amount to benefit

WHat happens if i stop paying?

If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to the benefits

How do I book my 30 minute session?

Once you subscribe you will receive joining instructions.

All of the packages on tomorrow's VA are called "courses" - and they all have lessons!

Once you log in to the academy, click the button to book your 30 minute one to one session at a date and time to suit.

You will then be sent a Zoom meeting invitation.

Just show up at the right time 😊

Can i carry the time over month to month?

This offer operates on a 'use it or lose it' basis! Whether you use your allocated time or not each month, the counter resets to zero for the following month. Please note you can't 'borrow' from the next month in the current month either - so you can't have 45 mins this month and then only 15 next.
If you want a longer session, you can book that Live One to One Learning

Do I need to do anything before booking a 30 minute session?

Send Shelley an email with the topic you want to cover in your 30 minute session so that Shelley knows what to expect and can prepare.

Is the price fixed?

The price you sign up at is fixed for however long you remain a member.

Shelley reserves the right to put the monthly subscription price up at a later date.

However the subscription level you join at is the one you pay for as long as you stay subscribed.

Should you leave and then rejoin you will rejoin at the subscription rate at the time.

Shelley Fishel

Introducing Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro

I was so excited when the 3 computers arrived. I was finally going to be able to get rid of all the bits of paper, linking one piece of information to another. Now I could build a database.

The only problem was, I had no idea how. So, I bought a book about Access and taught myself.

And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I didn’t get the education I wanted when I was younger. By the time I was 17, I had to leave school to take over running my father’s business. I’ve always had a head for organizing. Give me a list and I’m happy. Done √ Next!

Because I didn’t finish my education, it was logical that I would stay at home when I got married and had children. And I loved so much of it. My family is at the heart of my life, and I love it when people feel comfortable and cared for. I’ve even become a bit famous for my Friday Shabbat baking photos (join me on Instagram for those).

But even back then I knew I could do much more (I’d already run one company and done admin for another) and I wanted to earn my own money too.

The kids grew and I moved back into the workforce over 20 years ago, eventually finding a wonderful training company where I learned my trade.  

Being fiercely independent, my next step was starting my own company. I discovered I loved working with PAs and EAs. I get how they think and what they do. They have lots of different responsibilities and contacts; they’re the lynchpin, sorting everything and everybody out. And above all, their goal is helping their manager perform at their best.

I can relate to that, because I want nothing more than to help YOU perform at your best. 

Over the years I’ve realized that I love to break down complex activities into simple steps that I can explain in a step-by-step practical way. #loveroflists

I never call myself a Microsoft expert. I just help you get things done quicker, easier, and more elegantly (and without drowning in Google first).  

I can’t put it better than what a long-term client said about me recently: “Shelley’s like the angel on my shoulder”. I love that! 

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